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There are many terms you could use to describe Mollie Allen,
but my favorite is “powerhouse.”

A senior leader with 20+ years of creative & strategic success.

Photo of Mollie Allen
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills.

  • Thrives in a fast-paced environment; able to quickly gauge available resources and execute on numerous projects.

  • Definitive and clear with creative concepts and feedback.  Able to make strong recommendations – with compelling rationale – on which option best serves a given objective.

  • Strong sense of humor, natural positivity and bold entrepreneurial spirit.

  • Adept at handling sensitive issues, difficult conversations and strong personalities. 

  • Comfortable with budget process as well as overseeing and tracking department and/or project budget, including vendors & consultants

  • Dedicated to company-wide communications and information flow.

  • An experienced people manager and certified leadership coach passionate about fostering a culture of respect and inclusivity.

Mollie is unquestionably one of the most impressive people I’ve ever had the good fortune to cross professional paths with.

As a creative, she’s non-stop ingenious. As a marketing mind, she’s almost impossibly incisive and informed. As a media trend-spotter, she’s passionate and relentless. Meanwhile, her skills in business planning, processes and management are so sharp that you’d think you’ve added a whole second member to her staff.

Mollie is adept on so many levels, and brings such a rich and varied tapestry of unique insights to every role or project, that it’s quickly hard to remember how things happened without her on board. Her energy is contagious; her leadership, inspiring; her contributions, immeasurable.

Mollie is a rock star, full stop.

Brad S, Creative Director, Apple

Full Background

Theater and improv stage
Television Control Room
Commercial, TV or Film Set
Business people brainstorming
Director's slate
Up the career ladder . Mixed media.jpg

An SF Bay Area native, I went to school at Northwestern University. There, I dove headfirst into my two loves: television and theater. At school, and immediately following, I bounced between developing skills that could pay the rent (TV production) and spending nights making things up on stage (improv comedy). I finally decided to commit to the “rent-paying” side, and took a job with San Francisco’s top rated morning talk show, People are Talking.  Over the course of the next two years, I produced everything from an in-depth interview with Walter Cronkite to an investigation on teen prostitution to a fashion shows for dogs.


In the early 90's, I left the talk show for a distinctly different adventure: producing television training courses for journalists in the former Soviet Union.  As a Project Manager for Internews, I was responsible for funding and managing six-week training sessions in the newly independent Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.  It was a traveling road show with no road map: American broadcasters and media professors bringing editing systems and camera packages to budding new journalists. Between trips to Russia, I fed my artistic side by running an improv group in Chicago…working on numerous feature films….and performing in the odd play here and there. 


In 1994, I decided to “settle down” again, after being recruited to produce for The Oprah Winfrey Show. With Oprah, I was responsible for generating, developing and executing all elements of the show (pitching, booking, writing, field directing, editing, budgeting, etc.). I served as producer for six years, leaving to return to San Francisco to raise my family. 

It was here that I established my first consulting company,

The Media Pros, focused on Marketing & Public Relations.  Clients ranged from large corporate entities to small start ups, and often included a media training component for company spokespeople.  I also continued to develop, write and direct television content for Scripps (HGTV, DIY, The Food Network), Paramount (primetime programming for Dr. Phil), Warner Brothers (The Sharon Osborne Show), and  was invited back to Harpo to oversee production of Oprah’s 20th Anniversary DVD Series

I transitioned into advertising and made my mark on the direct-to-consumer industry. I led the production and creative operations of the world's leading direct response marketer - Guthy|Renker- and oversaw creative for numerous market ldeading brands including Proactiv, Cindy Crawford's Meaningful Beauty, Tony Robbins Ultimate Edge and more. I expanded content and sharpened strategy for Digital, Retail, Global Marketing & Customer Service, managing teams of creative directors, editors, artists and producers in multiple locations.  

In 2020 I became a certified coach, and began working with a wide variety of clients. All of my past experiences have contributed to my coaching success: from being well versed in improv techniques to partnering with amazing thought leaders like Oprah to navigating the challenges and successes of a corporate environment.  I adore seeing my clients succeed, and have found my niche in supporting women who are breaking new ground in business and in politics.

I also found new inspiration for myself, and fulfilled a life-long goal of living abroad. My husband and I moved to the south of Spain for a year, delighting in the the wonders of Andalucia while I maintained my coaching & consulting practice remotely. 

I am a mom to two incredible daughters in their early 20's.

And a canine mom to two adorable labradors.


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